Become a Sexy Nun this Halloween and pray for world peace or help out needy, sick or the poor. Just by wearing this you can change the way a nun can be looked upon, the way you remember when you were in school. Not dressed in shapeless black dress having no cuts, design, or attitude and all in all not looking like sexy woman but in a designer way where the top is not till the ankles but to your creamy thighs, just waiting to garner peoples’ attention.

And Baby, if you are such a Sexy Nun then your nun habit has had a drastic change. It is a uniform-inspired dress with tight body hugging waist. The sexy nun costume will give you with a long sleeve short-skirted habit and the cloth glows in nice black satin. When worn from top it will snug your thighs in a jiffy.

Added to it the Black color Halloween costume and robe like flowing arm covers, you are going to make such a dynamic yet peaceful impression upon your buddies that everyone will just go for a second look at you, Great accessory for your dress is a pair of the flat shoes that you might wear to a school but can be updated for a part of nun costume.